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పవన్ కల్యాణ్

02 Sep 1971 (వయసు 46)


పవన్ కల్యాణ్  తెలుగు సిని నటుడు మరియు దర్శకుడు, అభిమానులు ప్రేమగా పవన్ స్టార్ అని పిలుసుకుంటారు. పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ కి మంచి గుర్తింపు తెచ్చిన సినిమాలు తొలిప్రేమ( 1998), తమ్ముడు(1999), బద్రి(2000),..
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  • Azmath 12 months ago

    Azmath write a comment...happy barthuday pawan kalyan sar

  • Azmath 12 months ago

    Pawan kalyan happy barthuday sar

  • G.Murali Krishna a year ago

    Rspected Mr. power star pawan kalyan%3cbr%2f%3e %3cbr%2f%3e Im the big fan of yours.yours movies are awsome and wonderful for looking.in the telugu film industry fastest improving fans for your action in films more than seiour stars.i dont know about your life but i know only ur looking simple .urresembles to super ster rajinikanth in tamil.i think ur interested in plitics so ur want to leave the movies.this correct decision for ur future.im not able to tell a suggestion for ur s.im a just student and i want tell my opinion for urs.your fans expected to a movie .when or where their listen a word %27%27POWER %27%27 whats happen there %3fno one cant expected that tsunami.so please sir i want to see ur screen at theather once and i want to pfeel proud to be a pawan kalyan fan.%3cbr%2f%3ei hope ur looking this and think about my happiness.%3cbr%2f%3eThank you sir.%3cbr%2f%3e%3cbr%2f%3e%3cbr%2f%3ePROUD TO BE A POWER STAR PAWAN KALYAN FaN....%3cbr%2f%3e%3cbr%2f%3e%3cbr%2f%3e%3cbr%2f%3e BY%3cbr%2f%3e G.murali krishna(siddu siddaratha roy)

  • banthi a year ago

    pavan kalyan kaliuga bhagat sing

  • banthi a year ago

    pavan kalyan kaliuga bhagat sing kani itadiki maranam ledu

  • banthi a year ago

    youddham gelavatam ante satruuni champatam kadu odinchatam